Tension Stress & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®)

Tension Stress and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®) is an innovative Mind/Body technique that helps you shed chronic stress, tension, and pain. If you have trouble sleeping, sciatica, back and hip pain, stress overwhelm, anxiety or even suffer from fibromyalgia or PTSD – TRE may be the answer that you’ve been searching for. Many clients report results within 5 sessions. Other benefits people often report are improved energy, mental clarity, getting “unstuck”, more able to manage stress and challenges, reduced overwhelm and anxiety, improved relationships.

Discover the Benefits of Tension Stress Releasing Exercises from TRE® Stories and Testimonials.

How many of these “ordinary” life events have you experienced?

car accidents ♦ surgeries ♦ falls and injuries ♦ loss of loved ones ♦ divorce and relationship challenges ♦ financial losses and work stress ♦ caring for aging parents ♦ parenting in an ever complicated world

Accumulated life stress impacts us in ways that we don’t always realize.  

Our body tells the story in neck and back pain, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, digestion problems, “feeling stuck in life”, lack of joy and enthusiasm.

Kristi offers a variety of Mind/Body methods that will help you have more energy for life, more ease in relationships and a greater sense of well-being. Tension Stress and Trauma Release Exercises are one of several methods Kristi teaches that  you can learn and use on your own.

What is possible with Tension Stress and Trauma Release Exercises?

Tension Stress and Trauma Releases Exercises will help free you of chronic tension and stress. Many clients report immediate shifts as they practice TRE:

  • Relief from stress, anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Renewed optimism and ability to take action
  • Pain relief and improved mobility.
  • Improved energy and deeper sleep.
  • Healing and recovery from accidents and trauma
  • Letting go of the past in an easy, gentle way.
  • Feeling relaxed and more like yourself again.

Once you learn TRE, you have a tool for life – meaning you will be able to continue using this at home to release stress and overwhelm, sleep better, be more resilient and productive, feel more like yourself and enjoy life more fully.

Looking for better results and new possibilities?

Kristi Dee DodenAs a Certified TRE Provider, Stress Management and Communication Specialist Kristi Dee Doden offers new solutions for  stress, overwhelm, health and relationship challenges that may be draining your energy.

To discover how TRE , Communication support or other  Stress Management tools might work for you, contact Kristi for a complementary phone consultation: 707-888-9578

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For more information about the founder Dr. David Berceli and how TRE is helping millions around the world visit:  www.Traumaprevention.com

Tension Stress and Trauma Release Exercises