Kristi Dee Doden

Kristi Dee Doden

Kristi Dee Doden is a Communications and Stress Management Specialist and Certified TRE Provider  As a seasoned Communications Coach, Kristi has helped clients deal with difficult personalities and situations from the boardroom to the bedroom, from CEO’s to ex’s, from revitalizing marriages to guiding respectful separations.  Integrating Conscious Communication, somatic therapies, and neuroscience Kristi is committed to helping professional business women communicate more effectively,  have greater impact in their world,  and maximize their vitality to enjoy life beyond work with those that matter most to them.

We study what we need to heal…

With an original background in Psychology, Social Work and Economics, Kristi began her professional career as a Bank Examiner for the FDIC.  Motivated by her own health challenges, she left the corporate world  to study somatic healing in many disciplines including TRE- Tension Trauma Release Exercise System, Myofascial Release,  Emotional Freedom Technique, martial arts and Qi Gong.   In 2001 she began an intensive training process in Compassionate Communication with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. She has over 800 hours in advanced training in Compassionate Communication and has facilitated men’s; women’s and couples practice groups for over 15 years. While living in Phoenix, AZ she trained with Dr. David Berceli, the founder of TRE, to be a Level II Certified TRE Provider.

 Almost everyone has experienced overwhelming stress at some point in their life- financial and job stress, family demands or losses, car accidents, injuries, cancer, surgery- these life challenges can sometimes topple our health, marriage or family relationships.  Having experienced her own personal health challenges, financial and relationship losses, Kristi works with clients from a place of compassion, having “been in the trenches” herself, and with great respect for each person’s journey.

Universally, we all wish to have loving relationships, the energy to enjoy life and the ability to bounce back when life throws us curve balls.

From her extensive experience, Kristi offers a unique blend of tools tailored to meet each client’s needs. Her accomplished professional experience includes work with business executives and organizations, non-profits, spiritual communities, schools, prison inmates and women in recovery from trauma.

Kristi Dee Doden, B.A. CMT
Certified TRE Provider
Communications Coach

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