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Communication Coaching- What clients are saying about working with Kristi:

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Ever hesitate to speak your mind?

If you’re husee no evil 3 peopleman, you may be avoiding a difficult conversation because you’re worried about :

  • the other person’s reaction
  • making things worse by talking about it
  • loosing control of the outcome
  • your job and credibility
  • not knowing how to start the conversation

None of us are born with these skills.  

Yet difficult conversations are inevitable at work and in life period.  So how do you prepare for them?   How do you find the right words?  How do you manage the interaction so it goes smoothly?

Preparation is the key.

If we spent as much time preparing for rather than avoiding conversations, we’d have more productive work environments and happier personal lives.  We wouldn’t be getting headaches, tense shoulders or upset stomachs as we fret over what to say or how to broach the subject.

But, unfortunately, as you may already be thinking, we humans are complicated little creatures that are not so simply addressed.  Hence, the need for practice and preparation– just as any Olympic athlete would advise you;  nobody makes to the Olympics by worrying, procrastinating and avoiding going to the game!

Got a Tough Situation? Take control.  I’ve got a step by step plan for you! 

After years of working with challenges from the boardroom to the bedroom- I’ve developed a blueprint for dealing with difficult people and situations. Communication key

In a 90 minute Bold Conversations Consult you will:

  • Gain clarity, confidence and skills
  • Get modeling on the “right words” to use
  • Walk through a step by step process for success.
  • Address the 3 biggest blind spots to a positive outcome.

Stop wasting time and your energy  procrastinating on taking control of the situation- Make life easier for yourself – get the expert guidance that will help move you forward.  

Contact Kristi today to book your 90 minute session 707-888-9578.  Normally $225 for a 90 minute Consult-  receive an introductory discount,  save $50 when you mention this offer.   Visit my new communication site: