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Don’t Take it On! Empathy vs. Sympathy

  When does putting yourself in someone else’s shoes become detrimental?   Have you ever felt drained by a friend or client that is complaining all the time? Or you care deeply about someone and have a tough time not being affected by their pain or emotional state? Learning to have clear boundaries is a high-level… Read More »

Teachers, Therapists and Doctors find relief and resilience!

We all hit the wall when we are overcommitted, under-resourced and spent!  Dr. Melanie Salmon hit the wall many times in her professional practice and started searching for better answers.  She found them in TRE- Tension/Therapuetic Release Exercise System,  a simple and powerful way to help the body release overwhelm, tension and even trauma, such… Read More »

Ever feel like you’re not heard and understood?!

You could swear your words are clear as day,               but the other person just doesn’t seem to “get it.”  You both feel like screaming,  “You’re not listening to me!”   Sound familiar? Many upsets and arguments start with NOT feeling heard and understood.  Spring renewal for our relationships starts with HOW WE LISTEN… Read More »

Tis the Season to Play, Laugh, Drum!

We hosted our annual GRATITUDE GATHERING Saturday night and it was spectacular- we had sooo much fun drumming, playing, laughing, singing and connecting in community.  Here is a little video trailer of the drumming portion of the evening.  Unfortunately I was having so much fun in the Improv portion I forgot to take any pictures… Read More »

After the Fires, are you stuck in fight/flight overwhelm?

If you or anyone in your circle of connections is feeling “shell shocked” as one client put it— many people are having a hard time focusing, difficulty sleeping, feeling a bit “lost,” ungrounded and  overwhelmed, distraught, anxious or agitated- these are all signs that your fight/flight system may be stuck and needs help returning to normal… Read More »