Overwhelmed by Stress?

By | September 29, 2015

Stress is every where…Nurse overwhelmed by stress

What if you had a simple way to feel better-as simple as pushing the reset button on your computer to “clear out the stress cookies?”

Last year, a client came to me with chronic fatigue.  She had even been to her doctor to get blood work done.  After 5  TRE classes, she had a complete turn around- she woke up feeling like herself again.  Even people at her work noticed she looked different! ( See Mimi’s testimonial below.)

With seven simple exercises, TRE,  helps your body shed stress, tension and even pain.  In less then a half hour you can be on your way to a more happy and relaxed state. 

Many people report:

  • Feeling lighter, freer, more tranquil… even a little buzzed with relaxation!
  • Relief from back , hip and sciatica pain
  • Deeper sleep, more energy
  • Improved mood , more optimistic, less cranky and anxious!

Monday , April 25th, 6:00-7:30pm  I will hold a special Introductory Class for select people. Normally I require people to have an intake session prior to coming to class but this month I am opening the door for new people to learn TRE in a small group setting. 

Class limited to 10 people – Grab your spot now!

Please contact Kristi Dee Doden 707-888-9578 to reserve your space ASAP.    

“Far beyond my expectations, TRE has helped me turn chronic fatigue completely around in about 5 class sessions. Kristi’s skill in guiding me in the process is invaluable. I have a new tool that works for me every time.

I can go to class for support and I can also do TRE at home between classes. In Kristi’s class I experienced that the traumas of my life can be set free naturally. As I already suspected- my fatigue is not just from a lack of sleep, but from years of life’s hard dealt blows and how all that stress is stored in my body, my muscles and the very fiber of my being.

When I had consulted a doctor, she asked me if I was depressed. I responded, ‘it’s the chicken or the egg’; am I tired because I’m depressed or am I depressed because I’m tired? I knew one thing; I didn’t want to have to go on drugs. I am grateful for finding TRE! I feel inspired to give back to the world in a way that honors Kristi’s generosity of spirit. —Mimi Whittaker


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