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Conscious Communication – Be Bold, Be Skillful!

Conscious Communication: Learn how to not be trigged when your “buttons” are pushed. Join me at the Center for Inner Health and Stillness to learn the skills to resolve differences peacefully and start having more FUN in your relationships! Thursday, March 31st from 7 – 9 pm Center for Inner Health and Stillness 424 8th… Read More »

Open House at the Center for Inner Health and Stillness

February 5th – Open House Join us at the Center for Inner Health and Stillness Got Happiness Hour Open House. Start your New Year off with new tools, new connections and support for all you desire to achieve. Meet the practitioners and discover the services offered at the Center for Inner Health and Stillness. Learn about… Read More »

How to Magically Connect with anyone… love this magic!

Join North Bay Professional Mixer Thursday November 12th and make some great connections- magically!     Magician Brian Miller explains how he created magic for a blind man to “see”. Then he shares how you can use the same technique to make better, more meaningful connections with people in your life, personally and professionally.  … Read More »

Is Cancer or Stress Leaving You Speechless?

Communicate Compassionately on Your Cancer Journey Need Cancer Support? Need Help Communicating with Your family, friends and even your doctors about your needs during your cancer process? The Shock of cancer can leave you speechless at a time when you need even more skills to communicate your needs with health professionals, family and friends. Living… Read More »

Communication is Power…use it wisely!

In every moment, we can choose to meet ourselves and others with kindness, compassion and deep awareness for the vulnerability that may be “screaming” not so skillfully!  Learn how to “Always give A’s”, avoid pitfalls that cause conflict, and prioritize making amends when you have inadvertently hurt another’s feelings. Join us for Communication is Power….Use… Read More »