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Open House at the Center for Inner Health and Stillness

February 5th – Open House Join us at the Center for Inner Health and Stillness Got Happiness Hour Open House. Start your New Year off with new tools, new connections and support for all you desire to achieve. Meet the practitioners and discover the services offered at the Center for Inner Health and Stillness. Learn about… Read More »

Overwhelmed by Stress?

Stress is every where… What if you had a simple way to feel better-as simple as pushing the reset button on your computer to “clear out the stress cookies?” Last year, a client came to me with chronic fatigue.  She had even been to her doctor to get blood work done.  After 5  TRE classes,… Read More »

Is Cancer or Stress Leaving You Speechless?

Communicate Compassionately on Your Cancer Journey Need Cancer Support? Need Help Communicating with Your family, friends and even your doctors about your needs during your cancer process? The Shock of cancer can leave you speechless at a time when you need even more skills to communicate your needs with health professionals, family and friends. Living… Read More »

Women, Stress & Heart attacks- are you at risk?

Women are strong. Women are smart. Women solve problems. Women can do anything men can do. And, there are some things we’re even better at – dying of heart disease and stroke. Like breaking barriers? Go Red! And help break the one against heart disease. It’s not just a man’s disease. Each year, 1 in… Read More »

Military Vets Trauma Recovery

Trauma Recovery for Veterans with PTSD TRE helps Military Vets with trauma recovery and PTSD. Hear a testimonial from Jeff Thornton, a Vietnam Vet, who has been using TRE for five years to help recover from the horror of war. The exercise helped release trauma and emotional changed him. He we skeptical at first, but now… Read More »

Grief Recovery

Overcome Insomnia and Get Grief Recovery Hear from Sandrine who lost her cousin and 2 children in brutal murder as well as 3 others in a short period. Understandably, she couldn’t sleep or function and felt in total despair. She spoke with friends and therapists but nothing helped until she tried TRE exercises. Sandrine was finally able to… Read More »