Find Relief with Tension Stress Releasing Exercises– Many clients report relief from a variety of conditions including back pain, sciatica, stress and overwhelm,  problems sleeping, fatigue, trauma and more.

Relief from Back Pain and herniated disc

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Better Sleep & Life Balance


“TRE helped me to sleep better, gain freedom from restless leg syndrome and freed my son of panic attacks as well. I have been using TRE both for my own healing and life balance as well as with clients for over 8 years now. “ —Lori O. Pyschotherapist

Chronic Pain Relief and Less Reactive in Relationships

“After my 1st TRE session I experienced complete relief from chronic and debilitating hip pain that would often cause me to limp and lose sleep. I had suffered with this pain for 26 years following a car accident and even though I have tried many other modalities before , nothing ever gave me permanent relief like this. I am amazed!

And even more exciting than the physical relief is that I’ve also experienced a major shift in my ability to be calmer and less reactive in family situations that would normally trigger me. My nervous system is no longer reacting like a “traumatized” person. This is huge!” —Shannon Abbey

TRE Brings Back Vitality and Energy

Far beyond my expectations, TRE has helped me turn chronic fatigue completely around in about 5 class sessions. Kristi’s skill in guiding me in the process is invaluable. I have a new tool that works for me every time.

I can go to class for support and I can also do TRE at home between classes. In Kristi’s class I experienced that the traumas of my life can be set free naturally. As I already suspected- my fatigue is not just from a lack of sleep, but from years of life’s hard dealt blows and how all that stress is stored in my body, my muscles and the very fiber of my being.

When I had consulted a doctor, she asked me if I was depressed. I responded, ‘it’s the chicken or the egg’; am I tired because I’m depressed or am I depressed because I’m tired? I knew one thing; I didn’t want to have to go on drugs. I am grateful for finding TRE! I feel inspired to give back to the world in a way that honors Kristi’s generosity of spirit. —Mimi Whittaker

Kristi Made a Difference!

Hello there, With Deepest Gratitude I write this review for Kristi Dee Doden of TRE Wellness & Vitality Sonoma! I went to her a couple times a while back and will be back to her workshops soon. After the 2nd session I was inspired to write the following about her work the next morning: “The simple yet deep penetrating work Kristi Doden does is profoundly healing. Do you know the saying, ‘If walls could talk’? I’d like to expand that and say ‘If cells could talk.’

I have known for many years that haunting experiences and painful childhood memories are hiding in the fibers of my body, waiting for release. I’m thrilled to acknowledge that after seeing Kristi two times, I’ve had the most outstanding breakthrough in areas that were completely untouchable in my past. This non-invasive approach did not include years of grueling digging into the foggy cauldrons of my mind but rather allowed my body to have it’s say, shake it off and release. Thank you Kristi! —Anne Baker

Terrific Healing Practitioner

I was introduced to Kristi and TRE at a Sebastopol Health Fair last summer. My curiosity peaked, I attended an introductory TRE class that evening. The process was so interesting, I attended another class the following month, plus brought a friend along. Though I think some people might benefit greatly from a group setting, I knew I could do more in a private setting.

I have had multiple, fairly serious, traumas in my 59 years and wanted to move through them quickly and privately. I attempted the exercises at home with good results, but got much more benefit when I began working with Kristi one-on-one. She used a combination of TRE and Jin Shin massage. A couple days after one of my sessions, as I was doing stretching, I noticed a wave of pure JOY came over me! I was happy for no reason. I use capital letters, because that’s what I felt-JOY! Like I’d never known. It has been amazing to notice the shift and change in my attitude after 3 sessions, (sometimes months in between appointments).

I like to go when I feel I need a tune-up, or if I notice I’m stuck in an old self-limiting belief pattern. Works wonders! It’s lovely not to have to remember or rehash past insults and injuries, psychologically and/or physically to release the tension in my body. Moving through it is what happens. Try TRE (and/or Jin Shin massage) with Kristi, you won’t be disappointed! —Alberta



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